FabriXAPI User Guide

FabriXAPI (formerly known as OpenAPIHub Portal) is a cloud-based API portal platform that helps you grow your API business

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What is FabriXAPI

FabriXAPI is a cloud-based API portal platform designed to revolutionize your API business. With FabriXAPI, the built-in API management and developer management functionalities can let you manage, distribute and monetize your APIs with ease. Learn more

Platform Updates

Stay informed about the latest developments and enhancements on FabriXAPI platform. Find out about exciting new features, bug fixes, security enhancements now. Learn more

API Developer Resources

Developers can seamlessly explore and subscribe to APIs from various FabriX-powered API Portals. Simplifying the process, the dedicated Developer Admin Portal empowers API developers to effortlessly manage their API subscriptions and monitor performance. Learn more

API Provider Resources

Providers can generate and customize branded API Portals to showcase their APIs with ease. Streamlining the process, the all-in-one Provider Admin Portal offers a centralized platform for managing and monetizing APIs from a single point of control. Learn more

Looking for OpenAPIHub?

OpenAPIHub is an API community that lets you discover APIs that align perfectly with your projects and business needs. You will gain access to a variety of API resources, empowering you to enhance your API journey. Learn more

Open API Academy

The Open API Academy is a comprehensive platform dedicated to empowering individuals on their API journey. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, we provide a wealth of resources to support your growth in your API business. Visit Now