# Subscription Approval

# Introduction

With Subscription Approval enabled, whenever an API User subscribes to your API Plan, you can approve or reject the subscription. Once approved, the API User's subscription contract to the API Plan will be started.

# Why is Subscription Approval Needed?

For API Providers who choose the Standard Flow as their preferred payment collection method, it may be preferable to have API Users consume the API after receiving payment from the API User, rather than automatically starting a subscription when the API Users click the "Subscribe" button on the API Portal.

With Subscription Approval is enabled, when API User clicks "Subscribe" button on your API Portal, a subscription approval request is created on your Subscriptions - Subscription Approvals page in Provider Admin Portal and you will also receive an email notification.

You can approve or reject the subscription approval request on Subscription Approvals page. The API User will receive email notification of the approval result no matter if it is approved or rejected.

If the request is approved, the subscription contract starts immediately, meaning that the contract start date and the cycle start date of the first invoice cycle is the date you approve the request.

If the request is rejected, the API User is NOT subscribing to the API plan. API User can submit subscription requests again.

# How to set up Subscription Approval?

Subscription Approval is per API setting, you can enable or disable it on specific APIs.

  1. Go to Provider Admin Portal (opens new window) and log in to your account.

  1. You will see a list of API Portals you generated on this page. Enter your API Portal by clicking on it.

  1. Click My API on sidebar. Then click Edit logo on the API that you want to enable Subscription Approval.

  1. Click Edit button on API Details tab in page.

  1. If you want to enable Subscription Approval, check the button at Subscription Approval field, then click "Save" button.

# How to Accept/ Reject Subscriptions?

After enabling Subscription Approval and there are subscription requests, you can accept or reject subscriptions by:

  1. Click Subscriptions and Subscription Approvals on sidebar.

  1. If you want to approve a subscription, click Tick button on the action field.

    If you want to reject a subscription, click Cross button on the action field.

# What if the API User refuse to pay the subscription fee?

If this happens before you approve his/her subscription request, you can simply reject the subscription request.

If this happens when the API User is subscribing to your API plan, you can terminate API User's subscription anytime. For more information on how to terminate API User's subscription, you may refer to How to manage API User's subscription on Developer Details page?.