# Monetization Setup - Standard Flow

# Introduction

You can choose Standard Flow as a payment collection approach, meaning that you can manage payment collection yourself.

Providers handle payment collections offline using their preferred methods such as bank transfer or separate payment links. The payment collection operations are not processed on the platform and no fee will be charged per transaction. Approval steps can be enabled per API in Standard Flow if needed.

# Why to Choose Standard Flow

With Standard Flow, you can enable Subscription Approval to approve or reject users' subscription requests. You can let your API Users consume your API after receiving payment from API Users instead of starting a subscription automatically when API Users click the "Subscribe" button on your API Portal.

Standard flow payment collection operations are not processed on the platform and no fee will be charged per transaction. Therefore Standard Flow will save you the transaction fee.

The third-party payment collection platform we support is Stripe, yet it is only available for Hong Kong region. International users will have to choose Standard Flow as the payment collection method.

For more details about the transaction fee using Stripe, you may refer to FabriXAPI Payout Arrangement


Exciting news! We have expanded the currency options for configuring your API plans. This recent enhancement is specifically available when you choose the Standard Flow as your preferred payment collection method.

# How to choose Standard Flow?

Note that after getting your first subscriber, the monetization setting cannot be modified. If you wish to update monetization setting, please update before you have your first subscriber.

To begin using Standard flow, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Provider Admin Portal (opens new window) and log in to your account

  2. You will see a list of API Portals you generated on this page. Enter your API Portal by clicking on it

  3. Click Admin Setting - Monetization Setup on the sidebar

  1. Standard Flow should be selected on first-time setup. In case it is not selected, check Standard Flow button and you will see a confirmation drawer, click Confirm

# What if the API User refuses to pay the subscription fee?

You can terminate the API User's subscription anytime. For more information on how to terminate the API User's subscription, you may refer to Terminate Subscription.